Monday, 7 March 2016

Game 3 vs SA PREVIEW

The West Kelowna Warriors head out on on the road for Game Three tonight in Salmon Arm as the Warriors try and wrestle home ice advantage back into their favour. It's a building that holds a lot of memories for Rylan Ferster as he spent seven years with the 'Backs organization.

The first two games of the series both went to overtime, and the way the series has gone to this point it would not be shocking to see more games make their way to overtime. Kylar Hope played the hero in game two, after it was Chase Zieky who won the game for the Silverbacks on Friday night.

The biggest question to this point in the series is whether or not the power-plays have struggled, or the penalty kills have thrived. Each team has only scored once on the man advantage, while killing off 18 penalties between the two. The Warriors blocked a large number of shots in the second game, and had a huge kill to complete in overtime as well. The staff from West Kelowna has to be happy with the way their penalty kill has worked, but would hope for a couple less penalties against in the upcoming games.

Both goaltenders responded in game two after shaky opening games, and it would be shocking to not see their strong play continue throughout the remainder of the series. If I was a betting man, i'd say there would be no more 11-goal games.

Warriors Stats Breakdown:
Record: 1-0-1
Powerplay: 1 for 9 (11.1%)
Penalty Kill: 10 for 11 (90.9%)
Home: 1-0-1
When Scoring 1st: 1-0
Time with Lead: 40:54
Time Tied: 56:30
Time Trailing: 38:23

Salmon Arm Stats Breakdown
Record: 1-0-1
Powerplay: 1 for 11 (9.1%)
Penalty Kill: 8 for 9 (88.9%)
Road: 1-0-1
When Scoring 1st: 1-0
Time with Lead: 38:23
Time Tied: 56:30

Time Trailing: 40:54

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