Thursday, 1 October 2015

Merritt 9 - Warriors 1

There's not much that can be said to sugar-coat a drubbing of 9-1 to an Interior Division rival. The Warriors allowed the first 7 goals of the game, including 5 in the first period to Merritt on Wednesday night, which turns out to be the worst margin of defeat in franchise history.

The Warriors allowed the first 2 shots of the game, and 3 of the next 7 as well, as both goaltenders saw time on the ice and bench, as Rylan Ferster made 5 goaltender changes in the game.

In the end, it's one of those games where you hope you can throw it away and not dwell on it again, moving forward to what looks to be a very good Wenatchee squad that comes to RLP on Saturday night.

The Warriors lone goal on Wednesday was a Liam Blackburn power-play goal, which at 17:32 of the 2nd period meant nothing beyond breaking Cole Kehler's shutout.

The final shots on goal registered at 31-30 for Merritt. A .710 save percentage as a team isn't going to win you many (if any) games in the BCHL, or any other league for that matter. Overall, there were some defensive miscues and missed assignments, but you need a save or 6 at some point to keep your team in the game. The Warriors didn't get that last night.

The players were at the United Way breakfast this morning, a reminder of the role they play in the community. Defenseman Bryan Nelson was also first on the scene of a scary head-on collision that closed Hwy 97 in West Kelowna this morning, so when you take that stuff into account, you push hockey from the back of your mind. That might be the best thing.

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